Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Digression

This is Argh Meow. Sorry for the fuzzy picture but she doesn't sit still much. She is a lovable stray living around our apartment complex whose names derives from a squinty eye, much like a pirate in the midst of muttering, "Arrrggghh." Our neighbors, Phil and April, and I take care of her because she is so incredibly sweet. For the past few months we had suspected she was pregnant (and had subsequently given birth) and yesterday we were proven correct when she brought her two kittens around to show off. They were adorable. Argh was drunk on pride and affection, practically falling over herself to rub against us. However, one of the toms around the apartment complex did not like the kittens. Last night, despite Phil and April's desperate effort, the tom got a hold of and destroyed one of the kittens. Tonight, despite effort on my and Seth's part, the second kitten went. Suffice it to say I am not in the mood to post a new recipe; rather, I am ready for that tom to meet his demise.

Happy Saturday and I'll have something for you tomorrow.

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