What Is This All About?

 Here I am, back in Kuwait, desperately in need of a guidance counselor as I try to figure in which direction to take my professional life. The perfect opportunity to hone my cooking skills and master the incredibly varied cuisine of the Middle East. And Indian, because Indians represent the largest expat population here and ingredients are readily and cheaply available. And I suppose any other recipes that tickle my fancy (Hi Uganda! Yes, chapatis and rolexes will be here!) I have a better kitchen, better camera and better motivation. I am ready!

Really, though, I love to cook, I love experimenting, I love trying new things. I'll cook anywhere, using any medium. I can slaughter a chicken and fry up grasshoppers, though the latter might be more difficult to find around here. I hate that I find so many recipes for hummus (or "chickpea slather") and couscous and kebabs, but few (or none) for roasted leg of lamb, baked Hammour and sweet rice. People over here eat more than dips and finger food. I've seen it.

He's also good at starting charcoal pits.

My husband is from Harlingen, Texas, or as he calls it, "Northern Occupied Territory of Mexico", so I can't promise there won't be Tex-Mex recipes on here. It's all part of the globe anyway, right?

Yum. You never know until you try.