Friday, May 10, 2013

Strawberry Pink Lady Apple Pie

This past SXSW festival I was determined to get out and see as many free shows as my sleep-deprived body could handle. This was the year, I told myself, to finally take part in Austin's famous, internationally-renowned event. My friend Spike and I hopped on our bikes and slowly made our way through downtown crowds, first to enjoy a light bike ride, then to hit the clubs for some shows. I found the amount of people daunting, reminding myself I hate, hate, large crowds, yet reminding myself further that I was determined to take in SXSW; Spike and I rode along. We stopped at Club DeVille and as approached the door Spike admitted, you know, I am just not feeling this. I replied, hey, want to go make some pie? And that was SXSW 2013 for me.