Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Another Food Blog?

Some of the ingredients needed to cook the globe.
Why, indeed?  Last December I toyed with the idea of my own cooking blog simply because I was cooking so much (visiting Seth, my wonderful husband, for the month.)  However, considering I was working and living in rural Uganda at the time, I realized that once I returned there my posts would consist of such exciting entries as, "I ate some bread slathered with Blue Band today, plus a bunch of roasted maize." or "Was tempted to eat at Francis' Joint twice, but managed to stay away for dinner.  Had some bananas instead."  Fascinating.

However, I am now back in Kuwait and have again been cooking like mad (aided by my current joblessness.)  Not just any cooking, but exploring a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, not only because the food is delicious but also because the necessary ingredients are readily available and quite cheap (especially compared to foodstuffs imported for the benefit of Western expats.)  And that's where my frustration began: internet searches for Middle Eastern food inevitably bring up falafel, tabbloueh, hummus and anything with couscous, but the cuisine of this region is actually a tad more complex.  Searches for Indian dishes are a bit more fruitful, but still lacking: type in "Chicken Lababdar" and you receive three hits from three different websites, all using the same recipe with the same typos and same picture, and zero adaptations.  Hrmph.

I hope not to disappoint in a similar manner.

Oh, and were you expecting a recipe on the very first post?  Okay, one disappointment.

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  1. I'm loving your new blog. I wish I could eat the stuff you write about. Oh, and I love that you call yourself the International Super-Couple!