Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, Hi There!

You surprised me.

Or perhaps I have surprised you, finally posting after a week's absence - and I haven't even been on vacation. What I have been doing is nesting. No! Not pregnant! Just when I ovulate I get the urge to cook and bake and bake and bake, while the actual thought of eating any of it nauseates me. I do have new recipes to post, which I will get to tomorrow, but I warn you: my lack of appetite apparently affects my budding photography skills, so the pictures may not due the food justice. Then again, while I obviously love Indian food, much of it does tend to be monochromatic. It's not completely my fault if I can't make subtle shades of brown look spectacular in florescent lighting!

Ok, sure, I was planning on posting a Kuwaiti recipe today; I even got as far as opening a new post on blogger. But I am currently reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Have you? It's a wonderful and fascinating book, able to keep me from doing almost anything today other than read. I love books like that. However, I promise to be back tomorrow with something to fill your belly instead of your mind.

Oh, and what is up with the new way to post pictures? Why is blogger flipping my vertical pictures?

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